building a better bootstrap boilerplate…


building a better bootstrap boilerplate…

Boilerstrap is an open-source WordPress template based on Twenty Twelve that comes with Bootstrap, FontAwesome icons, custom typography, jQuery, and more built-in.

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Who is Boilerstrap for?

The Adventurous Blogger

Maybe you want a clean responsive theme for your WordPress site, or maybe you are looking for a WordPress theme that has Bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript already integrated. Boilerstrap is just what you’ve been looking for. It’s built on the rock-solid Twenty Twelve theme by WordPress as a foundation and integrates some really smart plugins. Install the theme to get started today!

The Bootstrap Builder

Maybe you love building sites with Bootstrap but want to harness the power of a content-management system like WordPress. Maybe you’re looking for a minimalist WordPress theme that is designed to be easy to modify for building your own themes that Bootstrap already integrated—look no further! Check us out on Github or start using Boilerstrap on your WordPress site today.