Boilerstrap is a WordPress theme built with the following technologies:

  • Twenty Twelve theme from WordPress.org
  • Bootstrap for fully responsive layout, pre-made CSS classes, and JavaScript functionality
  • FontAwesome makes it easy to add icons anywhere on your site
  • Keypress.js allows you to easily define keyboard shortcuts to add interactivity to your website
  • Source Sans Pro via Google Web Fonts gives us better looking fonts on all devices
  • Mobile-Only Sidebar allows you to easily deliver mobile-oriented content visible only at phone width
  • Palette.css includes common social media brand colors and the full Oxygen Project color palette as class names for CSS
  • In-editor Styles View Bootstrap objects, custom typography, icons, and more in your post editor how they will show up on your site
Coming soon:
  • Zoomooz.js for zooming galleries and interaction
  • Smart Page Templates to bring features like automatic-galleries in the futureā€¦