Boilerstrap comes with FontAwesome icons baked right in. This means it’s really easy to add 249+ vector icons into almost any content using class names.

Inserting an icon

To insert an icon into text, inside a link, on a button, or even into the menu, just insert the following code:

<i class="icon-name"></i>

You’ll need to change it from <i class="icon-name"></i> to whatever class name corresponds with the icon your wish to insert from this page: FontAwesome icon guide. For example, to insert a globe icon the class name is icon-globe, so anywhere I add <i class="icon-globe"></i> to my site in HTML it will display a ‘‘ on the front end.

The <i> tag is nothing more than an empty placeholder into which the icon is inserted. Try adding icons into text, links, or even put icons on    buttons to spice up your links and downloads.